Real Resources to End Sex Trafficking

$100,000.00 Challenge for Change 

Double your Donation – Double your Impact

Now’s the time to make a difference…make a change…and double the impact of your donation to Exchange Initiative!  Thanks to a generous donor, every dollar given to our organization will be doubled with a matching gift up to $100,000.  So whatever the amount, large or small, now your donation goes even farther to support our key programs to help eradicate sex trafficking, including:

Development of hotel/motel phone app to identify room locations and track down victims
Providing resources and networking solutions to fight sex trafficking
Continued seminars and education to engage and empower individuals and groups about trafficking

Remember, every dollar can make a difference in the lives of sex trafficking victims. And now every donation has double the impact!  Be sure to make your tax-deductible donation before December 31st.

It’s fast and easy!

You can donate online through the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation. Simply click on the Support the Solution button, to the right, to donate today!

THE PROBLEM : The selling of children is largely conducted via Internet websites with photos of the victims. These photos are… CLICK TO READ MORE


The Exchange Initiative is a newly formed organization by Nix Conference & Meeting Management to empower individuals and organizations with real resources to help end sex trafficking.

Our mission is to provide resources, information and networking solutions to combat sex trafficking in the U.S. We will promote awareness and global understanding of the trafficking problem, while facilitating cooperation and initiating action at the local level.


Given our passion about this critical social issue and experience within the travel and tourism industry, we believe formalizing an organization to address the topic to be a natural fit for Nix. As a socially responsible company, we seek to utilize our professional resources in the industry to help create awareness about sex trafficking in the U.S. We stand firm in our commitment to protect all children and join forces with other stakeholders to put an end to sexual exploitation.

That commitment includes being a signatory to the ECPAT-USA Meeting Planners’ Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation, a program we also promote and encourage with all our clients.