3 Ways Technology is Fighting Trafficking

O.U.R. is grateful for all of the organizations and community members that are fighting to end human trafficking. Lately, there have been some amazing breakthroughs in technology that are helping to rescue children from trafficking situations.

It is always fascinating to see how people use their talents to come up


March 1, 2017

FIRST THOUGHT:Fighting for Women’s Cyber Civil Rights

We’re going to talk about a difficult subject today: women’s privacy in the age of the internet. Time and again, leaked celebrity photos and videos make national news. But this is not something that only happens to the rich

WSBT22: Berrien County Hotels Join Fight Against Human Trafficking

WSBT22: Berrien County Hotels Join Fight Against Human Trafficking

Hotel owners are hoping to send a clear message to human traffickers– they are not welcome in Berrien County.


Uniglobe: Our Favorite Travel Apps

posted 2017-07-03


We’ll admit that we love a personal touch when it comes to travel (it is what sets UTD apart), but that definitely doesn’t mean that we don’t also embrace technology! We’re always interested in the newest tech that’s designed to make travel even simpler, especially the ever-evolving …

The Herald-Palladium: Sex trafficking happens here too, FBI agent says

Posted: Thursday, June 22, 2017 6:00 am

BENTON TOWNSHIP — Sex trafficking happens everywhere, FBI special agent Timothy Simon told more than 50 people Wednesday at Southwest Michigan ALPACT’s forum on Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation and the Common Clues.

“I run

Washington Univ Engineering: Students Find Opportunities for learning & giving back around St. Louis

Beyond the ‘Bubble’

Photo by Whitney Curtis. Written by Beth Miller

 While most students in the School of Engineering & Applied Science come from outside of the St. Louis area, becoming a part of the community through student groups, class projects, field trips and personal interests is high on their

Forbes: Human Trafficking Is In Plain Sight. Are You Supporting It Without Knowing?

Human trafficking is a growing epidemic. In addition to the estimated 21.3 million refugees around the world, there are also an estimated 45.8 million people who are currently being trafficked or enslaved. But enslavement is not what we in America often think it is. Those suffering unthinkable psychological, physical …

Travel Pulse: Report Sheds Light on Exploitation Victims Within Hotel Sector

Report Sheds Light on Exploitation Victims Within Hotel Sector

KARE-TV Minneapolis: New phone app aims to help sex trafficking victims

MINNEAPOLIS – For years now, KARE 11 has been documenting the issue of sex trafficking.

It’s usually the officers and the advocates who are working to rescue victims. But thanks to technology, the general public can help now too.

“Citizens across the U.S. can take action by simply taking photos

7 Amazing Initiatives That Fight Sex Trafficking

The key to identification is education.

The International Labour Organisation currently estimates that almost 21 million people are victims of forced labour; 11.4 million women and girls; 4.5 million subjected to forced sexual exploitation.Alaskan Airlines flight attendant Sheila Fredrick, said had an instinctual reaction the moment she saw a …