India Today: With TraffickCam, fight against trafficking could become easier.

By Hemul Goel

A vacation often leaves our phones full of pictures that have no meaning besides clogging our phone’s already-full memory. However, with TraffickCam, the pictures of your hotel room might be able to help save the life of a victim of sex trafficking.

With traffickers posting pictures of their victims in hotel rooms for online advertisements, TraffickCam helps law enforcement track the identity of the hotel the picture has been posted from. All you have to do is download the app–available for iPhone, iPad and Android–and upload four pictures of your hotel room and its number.

The internet has only made sex trafficking easier, however, if the police can identify the site of the victim’s exploitation, the possibility of a trafficker being caught increases manifold.
According to the description of the app on iTunes, “The purpose of TraffickCam is to create a database of hotel room images that an investigator can efficiently search, in order to find other images that were taken in the same location as an image that is part of an investigation.”
The app has already acquired over 1.5 million photos of hotels from around the world. © June 2016