KMOV-TV St. Louis: New app aims to stop human trafficking

By Rachel Sudduth

Local creators are working towards a way to stop sex trafficking, with a new app called Traffick Cam.

Creators of the app say local residents have the opportunity to help stop sex traffickers.

Molly Hackett, one of the creators, a conference planner out of Maplewood, says she got the idea for the app because her job position allows her to work in various hotel rooms.

Traffick Cam allows app users to upload photos of hotel rooms that may have been used in trafficking cases. It’s an easier way for law enforcement to identify suspects and hopefully lead to an arrest.

“It feels like a great opportunity for people not only to feel like they’re involved with it, but to be involved and to continue a conversation with sex trafficking across the country,” said Hackett.

The app is set to be available by September.

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