Uniglobe: Our Favorite Travel Apps

posted 2017-07-03


We’ll admit that we love a personal touch when it comes to travel (it is what sets UTD apart), but that definitely doesn’t mean that we don’t also embrace technology! We’re always interested in the newest tech that’s designed to make travel even simpler, especially the ever-evolving catalogue of apps. Here are a few of our favorites:


WiFi Magic

There are more than a few WiFi finders on the market. For going to public businesses in larger cities there’s WiFi Magic. Think of this as a community that shares WiFi passwords. This is especially great if you don’t speak the language well enough to ask the business for access.

Speedspot Wifi

We also like Speedspot WiFi Finder with Offline Maps, available on Apple and Android. It allows the user to not only locate the nearest free WiFi, but will also tell you which is running at the fastest speed. As an added bonus, you can download a city map and still be able to access it even if you find yourself without internet, something that can be a real lifesaver in a strange city!




Flight View

There aren’t quite as many flight tracking apps as there are planes in the sky, but there’s definitely no shortage to sift through. Our personal favorite is Flight View. It lets you track the plane, view previous flights to see where it’s coming from, and will give you more up-to-date information about the plane’s location and status than you can often get at the gate.


This newer app has made big waves with its simple and creative way to combat the epidemic of human trafficking. Simply submit a picture of your hotel room the next time you’re on the road and you could be saving a life.



Food and travel go hand in hand, and thanks to the abundant reviews on forums like Yelp and famed guide-turned-app Zagat, it’s easier than ever to find a great place in moments. We really like Foodspotting, which focuses on particular dishes that users loved instead of just the restaurant itself (and with a really positive, food loving attitude!). So the next time you’re traveling and are craving a perfect steak or an authentic paella, check this app out.




Roaming Hunger

Or if you just want to grab a bite to go, download Roaming Hunger to find the best food trucks currently in your area.

Google Translate

Even the most worldly among us will still need a little help with translation from time to time, and luckily now that just means opening up an app. There are definitely some great translators out there, each with their own specialty, but pretty much none beat Google Translate.

It’s now equipped to translate more than 100 languages, and more than 50 off-line, whether by voice, text, or image. It’s especially handy for snapping a picture of menus and street signs for an instant translation.





If you find yourself traveling for business more than leisure then chances are you’ve found yourself juggling countless business cards each year. This app allows you to quickly scan in the card and will save and organize the information, while linking you to their professional information. We especially love this for anyone who ends up going to multiple conferences and conventions each year.


UNIGLOBE Travel Companion

The UNIGLOBE Travel Companion app lets you follow along with your itinerary in real time and keeps you up-to-date with mobile check in and travel news. Plus it provides activity ideas as well as cultural guidelines for your new destination.

And best of all, it allows for access to your personal travel expert and our 24/7 Rescue line at the touch of a button. This is definitely a must have for any UTD client.
What are your favorite apps that help you travel better? Let us know in the comments!